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Australia is rich with great ideas, innovation and entrepreneurialism. Taking great ideas from a laboratory concept to a working, reliable and trusted space based product is hard and has many steps that need to be taken correctly. The international space market place demands performance, reliability and consistency. Entering the market place is challenging so doing everything necessary to gain market acceptance is essential for commercial success.

The Earthspace Knowledge Vault provides confidential advice, project planning and deep experience to assist Australian integrators to grow their professionalism to an internationally recognised level.

Earthspace has the aggregate experience of Australian and International space veterans, Engineers and Scientists with real ground up experience of the design, development, fabrication, assembly, integration and test of complex space systems ranging from popular Cubesats to full sized spacecraft including Geostationary Earth Orbit Communications Satellites.

This level of space domain science, engineering, project management and industry experience in a single Australian owned and operated company is unprecedented in Australia. Earthspace will help you be your best.



Assisting clients with:

Application of Space Engineering Standards

Space Awareness Training (Civilian and Military)

Establishing Space Engineering Development Facilities

  • Cleanrooms
  • Development Laboratories
  • Test Facilities
  • Procedures

Structured System Engineering Application

Structured Project Management Processes

Optimising Organisational Structures

Industry Engagement

Conducting Design Reviews

Specialist Engineering Guidance

  • Satellite Thermal Design
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Orbit Management
  • Assembly, Integration and Test
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